Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Dreams

Yeah, so it's been a LONG time.  Sorry about that everyone.  I've been going through some things and haven't had the motivation to write about anything or spend time with anyone.  I've got some new things going on and would like to take a few moments to share them with you.  

I want to run.  I want to be a runner.  I want to go out and enjoy the outdoor world and run to become a healthier, happier me.  

From Pinterest

I am going to be a volunteer for an animal shelter.  I went to orientation and am working on scheduling a time to meet with a mentor before I go by myself and play with the animals.

From Anderson Animal Shelter's Website

I am back at school.  I have a meeting with a counselor in a couple of weeks to verify my schedule for the fall and to make sure that I can change my major and complete my AA degree by the end of fall semester.  I started my Biology class this week and so far it's okay.  I'm a little nervous but have everything I need in order to succeed.  I just need to put in the effort.

Found at this site

I am participating in a 1 mile walk event for Downs Syndrome awareness for my baby brother's team this weekend.  

Photo from the event website

I want to participate in something called The Color Run.

What do you want to do?  Are you doing something in life that makes you happy?  

For me, continuing school will help make me happy, especially if I'm able to complete my AA degree by the end of the year.  Also, since I love animals (especially dogs), volunteering at the animal shelter will really help.

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to move.  For running, I know I want to do it.  Hell, I'd love to just start walking every day.  But it's so difficult for me, emotionally.  I know what I need to do - just get up and start!  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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