About Me

Welcome!  I've been contemplating the importance of having an "about me" page and I never seem to know what to include on this page.  I have a tendency to share too much information with people or not nearly enough.  So yes, the Googler/Google Addict that I am searched "Good About Me Page".  I was brought to Lorelle's "Who The Hell Are You?" weblog.  Through that, I saw something that one of her readers posted for her About Me Page and I was hooked. That's me! That's the way I am! So welcome, welcome, to learning a little more about me.

Who The Hell Are You??
  • My name is Sarah
  • I am a daughter, the eldest of many siblings in a complicated family (with the exception of a step-brother who is a little older than I am)
  • I am a wife
  • I'm the "mother" of a basset hound/shepard mix and 2 green cheek conures
  • I'm a complete mess

What Do You Do??
  • I am waitressing part-time while I finish up my A.A.
  • I enjoy scrapbooking, crafts, and painting but don't do any of them often
  • I enjoy taking photographs
  • I mostly sit around dreaming about the things I want to do and become
  • I am also obsessed with Pinterest

What Are You Talking About??
  • Right now, about myself.  Oh!  You mean my blog?  :)
  • I'm talking a lot about life - my life specifically
    • My Dreams
    • My Hopes
    • My Failures
    • My Successes
    • My Opinions
    • My Fears

What Gives You The Right To Talk About Anything??
  • To put it simply, I have a lot that I want to say & share with people.
  • We have Freedom of Speech
  • If I don't write, it will be bad.  I've written for years..  I've just never let anyone else see.

Why Are You Doing It Here??
  • I think that it will help people that know me to understand me a little more
  • It will help me to organize my thoughts
  • Maybe, if someone randomly comes across my blog, they'll be able to connect with me and won't feel as alone as I've felt for much of my life