Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ten Days???

I'm not sure how this happened but Christmas has completely snuck up on me!!  I cannot believe that it is in 10 short days.  I knew that Christmas was coming, mainly due to the goose getting fat, but it didn't seem to click in until today when I looked at the calendar noting that it's already the 15th of December and I have no Christmas decorations up at home, we don't have a tree and I'm not even halfway through with the Christmas shopping.  Of course, I have my lists so I'm prepared for the remainder of the shopping but still...  Not being complete, it's going to be difficult.

Still on my to do list for Christmas are the following:
* Finish the Christmas shopping
* Cleaning the apartment
* Taking out the Christmas decorations
* Decorating the apartment
* Donating to charity
* Bringing extra icicle lights to work so that I can finish decorating there
* Baking some cookies to bring to Christmas
* Getting lots of caffeine prepared for working 11pm-7am Christmas Eve to Christmas morning

I look at that list and think, "That's not too bad.  It will take no time to get that completed!"  Then I realize that if I'm going to get it all done, I need to start doing things after work!  It makes me wish that I had a second car so that I can get cleaning and decorating done at home before work every day.  At least I have time to decorate at work!

Speaking of work, it's now time to start so I'm going to go.  I hope that you're all prepared for the "big event" in 10 days.  If not, remember that you've still got a little time.  Hopefully, you'll be able to strategize and beat the crowds.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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