Monday, December 27, 2010

This is Interesting

So Michael & I went up to Wisconsin on Saturday night to spend time with his family for Christmas.  We slept over & stayed through most of Sunday.  Most of it was ok - a private apology was made to me (which was very nice and appreciated by me) until my MIL got crabby.  Then we get home & are in bed...  It was nice.  The dogs were exhausted and we were exhausted & I've got a bad cold going on right now so I'm not feeling the greatest either.  Mike had to work in the morning & I had to start at 12:30.  We set the alarm and were ready for today, the last Monday of 2010.

Nothing could have prepared us for today.

Mike was in a car accident which is caused our car to be towed & probably totalled since it's not worth much anyway.  He is fine (thank God) and I'm sure we'll be fine - especially since the other guy was at fault & we won't be responsible financially - except for what we need to pay for up front (the rental car especially).  We'll be late on rent but have already notified the office.  They were especially concerned with how Mike was doing which was a very nice surprise.

So Mike was late to work & the police gave the report & the car was towed & we have an ugly rental (the Chevrolet HHR).  But it's cheap enough and we'll get reimbursed either way since that's the special coverage I have.  ^_^

So we were fine.  All information collected, Mike made it to work (who were also concerned with his health & safety) and I was showered & ready for work.  Emily, my sister, came to get me, we got lunch and stopped at Target then she dropped me off at work where I realized that I didn't have my badge to get in.  I walked around the building, through snow, looking into the window and knocking once...  I walked back to the front and was still on hold on the phone and now 5 minutes late.  So I tried getting a hold of a supervisor & got my sister to come back for me...  We got my badge & came back & I clocked in about 30 minutes late.  Ugh!  I hate being late.

So now I'm sitting here at work with a couple of people I'm not familiar with & they're pissed that I was late (we actually were a little busy around 12:30) so now I don't want to get up for anything.  Unless it's an emergency, I'm not getting up for a drink, bathroom, nothing.  I'm just going to stay glued to my seat.  I even did some extra work because there were some requests in the email boxes.

Well, I hope that this last week of December finds you well.  Please be safe and have a happy new year!!!

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