Friday, October 15, 2010

Noisy Neighbors

So the people upstairs were loud - again - last night.  I don't understand it.  How can you be so loud?  Mike was out walking the dogs & someone came over & buzzed them.  They let the person in and as soon as the person got up to their apartment there was a loud thud!  WTF  Did they just drop their free-weights on the floor?

We're trying to live better lives...  We're trying to be good tenants, pay our bills and live a happy, quiet life.  They're just set on being assholes.

This morning, we notice a ticket on our car for no village sticker.  I didn't realize that we needed one although I guess I should have considering how nice of a city we live in - plus I could have asked mom and she would have told me.  But yeah..  Are any of the other cars without village stickers sitting with tickets on them?  Nah.  Just us.  There was a car parked in the space next to us - no sticker, no ticket.  Plus the envelope that had been sealed was already torn open.  Now that's interesting.  Oh, and the neighbors upstairs?  They were already gone for the day.

So yeah..  I called my mom.  She said she'll contact the officer and get more information.  This may be interesting.  I'm glad I have a connection so that I can at least figure out if it was called in.

So not that we need anything else to pay for right now.  Another $40 for the ticket & a village sticker which probably only costs about $20 (I'm hoping).  This is going to be a tight month.  We need to watch our budget and we'll be fine - especially with the OT coming up due to the holidays.

I guess that's about it.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!

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