Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Morning!

Hello!  Welcome to my new blog.  Yup, that's right.  It's new.  It's one that I'm going to (hopefully) post to pretty regularly that you're actually allowed to read!

I got the inspiration for this blog from a song by Ingrid Michaelson.  It's called Be Ok.  I'm pretty much an emotional wreck (which I'm sure if you don't already know this, you'll be finding out soon enough!) and found this song on while searching for another one of her songs I heard on the radio, The Way I Am.

Anywho...  I'm just writing a hello to my future readers out there.  Please feel free to comment as you'd like - they won't be showing on my blog but you'll be able to send me your thoughts (which I welcome and appreciate) any time!

I felt pretty productive this weekend.  I got some shopping done (groceries, basic toiletries), my husband helped do dishes & trash, we did 5 loads of laundry - including putting the clothes away! - and I scrubbed the bathroom completely.  My goal for the next week is to complete laundry, send our old stuff off to charity and re-organize the kitchen cabinets.  They're driving me crazy!  I've also got a dentist appointment on Saturday so I'll be doing that too.

I'm trying to stay positive.  It's so hard after being in the bad habit of letting yourself drown for years, you know?  I figure if I can think positively and stay up on housework then I will become a healthier and happier person.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  I'll try to remember to post tomorrow.  Hopefully, I have some interesting things to say!

- S

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