Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little about my life..

So I'm talking with someone at work about her car.  Apparently, she's got to have some work done on her car & the Honda dealership gave her a free rental.  The rental car is a Ford.  She was initially upset about it because she's not familiar with Ford cars but when she started to think about it, she thought, "Huh..  Ford's are cheaper than Honda...  Since I put so many miles on my cars, I might as well go with a cheaper one."  So now she's thinking that whenever she gets around to getting a new car, she may look at Ford.  LOL

I would love to get a "new" car.  Unless there's some huge, fantastic deal for a new car, I'm pretty sure I'll be going with a "pre-owned" one.  I'm thinking of a small SUV or Crossover.  We'd love the extra room for the dogs & for anything else, actually.  And Mike has told me that the next car we get is all mine.  :)  That's so exciting!  I'll be driving the car & enjoying some freedom...  Not having to come into work hours before I need to..  Being able to give people rides if they need it.  We were thinking that we would be getting a new car around Christmastime but I just got a call from Mike's sister in California & she is planning a family reunion next summer with family that Mike hasn't seen for years (like since his father was alive).  I told Jennifer that we're a go.

So anything that we were thinking we may be able to afford for a new car has to go into saving up for a trip.  I'm going to begin doing research and figure out what we need to save & how it works with what we need to take care of.

Have a great Tuesday!

~ S

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