Friday, September 10, 2010

Julie & Julia/Radiothon/Fire


I've been thinking about my blog and how I didn't write anything down this morning.  I started to wonder if my readers (that's you!) would be missing me and since we've slowed down at work today, I figured I would drop in and let you know what's on my mind today.

Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia?  I saw it this past summer & really enjoyed it.  It's about a girl who decided to write a blog about cooking every recipie in Julia Child's cookbook.  She cooks & writes every day and has readers that can't wait for her to write.  I'd love to find something consistent to write about that would draw readers to my blog but don't feel confident enough that I could provide entertainment for them.  There's an online journal that is looking for bloggers to write about things and I'd love to apply for the job but like I said, I don't think I'm confident enough - especially as a job.

My co-worker decided to clean her desk today.  She used this cleaning solution that smells like lemon but it's really strong.  It's making me a bit nauseaus and has intensified my headache but I guess I really don't mind.  I have headaches every day.

Did you hear about what happened in San Bruno yesterday? It's a city close to San Francisco.. Apparently a gas line ruptured, causing an explosion. People have died & many more have been injured. It's so sad. I hate hearing about tragic events.

On a slightly lighter note... Eric & Kathy are doing their 36 hour Radiothon where they get donations for Children's Memorial Hospital. There are heart-breaking stories about children that have been lost and saved and it's such a good cause to contribute to. I think that they started this morning so it should go through tomorrow night.

We're starting to pick up in reservations so I guess I'll get back to work!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you have a few moments, please pray for those in San Bruno & their families and take a moment to listen to Eric & Kathy's Radiothon.  Donate to Children's Memorial Hospital if you can.
Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend. ^_^

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