Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry it's been so long...

How is everyone doing today?  Sorry about not posting in the past few days.  I started to write this on the September 2nd but got busy at work & the next thing I knew, it was Monday!

I'm not sleeping too well again & this past weekend, I was sick so that didn't help.  Anywho..  I'm going to recap the weekend.
Thursday - Mike was sick so he stayed home from work.  I dont know what happened or what it is but he had aches and pains, major sinus pressure & his breath kept catching. In the morning while I was getting ready for work he stopped breathing for about 10 seconds.. He'll do this sometimes - sleep apnea, I think.. I'm sure we'll have to have a doctor check that out someday.  It was so nice to be able to use the car to get to & from work.  Wow!  We need to get a second car up & running SOON.  Anyway, I think he slept past noon and got up to vaccum the apartment & put dishes away.  :)  I was able to get out of work a couple hours early so that I could meet up with my best friend Julie & her husband Glen.  They went on a Harley Davidson motorcycle ride in Milwaukee so they used us as a pit-stop on their way home & spent the night. 

Friday - I got stung by a bee!  I felt something kind of hurt my arm and looked over & noticed it was a bee.  I swiped it onto the floor & stomped on it.  Julie said that I looked like a professional bee slayer.  LOL  We all (Julie, Glen, Mike & I) got to spend some time together on Friday & Mike & I took them to Houlihan's before they headed home. 

Saturday - I was full-on sick.  I had started feeling it Friday night before bed & woke up with some major issues.  I spent the day doing nothing (I know, different from every other day, right??).  I watched a movie, "Sliding Doors", played Assasain's Creed 2 & watched 24 when Mike got home.  It was a pretty good day.  Mike even bought me a hot fudge sundae.  Yum! 

Sunday - Mike got some free tickets to the Schaumburg Fliers baseball game so we went with my brother.  Concessions were way over-priced but it was fun.  I actually started to feel better even though I couldn't breathe through my nose or smell anything.  I went shopping at Costco and came home to put everything away & begin re-organizing the kitchen.  This wasn't a very good idea because all the bending over made me really light-headed.  Around 7:30 I went to sit down & watch Mike & Daniel play a video game.  A while later I told them that I was going to bed because I was really tired.  Apparently, it was only 8:30!  LOL  So I got some stuff ready for Monday, took some medicine & played on the computer a little bit before going to sleep around 9:30.

Monday - Mike & Daniel left around 4am to meet up with Jeff (my step-dad) to go fishing.  I left around 7:30 to meet up with my mom & Kate & Rebecca so that we could drive together up to Lake Geneva.  We spent the day on their boat, swimming, sunning (when the sun was out), chatting, relaxing & even rode around a little bit.  It was really great.  I got a bit sunburned..  My shoulders are what's bothering me but it's not even that bad.

Today, I'm back to work.  I'm sipping my Starbucks Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino and getting ready to clock in for my day.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.  I'll write more soon!

~ S
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