Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leaving Dallas

Hey! So Mike & I drove my brother & his 2 friends down to Dallas for the MLG convention. We were able to pick up the rental by 6:30 and were officially on the road around 8:30. We drove to Herrin, IL to pick someone up then went to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX. I was pretty excited about driving the rental (a Ford Edge) and that Mike actually got tired enough to let me drive at least half the way. I pretty much drove for 8 hours, I think. I'm hoping to drive for about the same on the way back home. We woke up around 5am on Friday.. Mike slept about 3-4 hours in the car, I slept less than an hour - just couldn't sleep.

On Saturday, we got to Dallas around 11:30 & checked into he hotel. Daniel & his friends went to the MLG thing so Mike & I went to Dealey Plaza and looked at the JFK assassination location. It was pretty amazing to be there. We didn't attend the 6th Floor Book Depository Museum but we went in the gift shop and we saw a photo of Kennedy & Jacqueline having a private moment in the car as they were getting ready to leave the airport. Maybe it was because I was especially tired or being there but seeing that photo made me cry. We walked around the downtown area, took lots of photos & saw the Kennedy memorial. It was a little strange & disappointing but I guess it was kind of cool. (For those of you who only read my blog, I'll try to upload the best photos here but otherwise you'll be able to see them on FB.)

Afterwards, Mike & I got Denny's and went back to the room. We found Avatar on the HBO and watched it with Kenny & Erica. Daniel came back to the room to see the end of the movie & we all crashed! Around 1:30 in he morning he fire alarm went off. I know I smelled something greasy & smoky but I guess it was a false alarm. We all walked down the 12 flights of stairs & found the pool. People were gathering in the lobby so that's where we went.

Today, Mike & I spent some time just driving around Dallas & we drove to Arlington, TX and saw the Dallas Cowboy's stadium (who are getting their asses kicked by Green Bay right now). Mike kept referring to it as "Jerry World" (whatever that means). We didn't get to see the field because they were charging about $15 a person but we got some pretty cool photos of the exterior. Then, literally right "next door" was the Texas Rangers stadium so we drove around that.

So now we're on our way back home. We stopped at this place called Taco Cabana for food before we left & it was pretty good. I feel full & satisfied. :)

I hope you all had a good weekend. I'll be seeing you soon!

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