Thursday, November 18, 2010

Test 1: Cranberries

So, I was feeling adventurous tonight and decided that I would try making the homemade cranberries to see how they worked out (& especially to make sure that they tasted good so that I'm not embarrassed with sucky cranberries on Thanksgiving).  So I washed the fresh cranberries, put them in with my secret recipie and voila!  Cranberry sauce!  It's actually pretty jelly-like which I think is cool.  After heating it all up and thickening it, I'm supposed to let it cool on the stove (which I've done) then put in the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes.  I just put it in a container in the fridge so we'll see.  Maybe I'll bring it into work tomorrow and have some people taste test them!

So while I'm cooking, I've decided that I'm tired of looking at the kitchen and the mess that is never-ending.  It seems as though every time I ask for assistance, it's done halfway then never completed.  So I cleaned the stove, put clean dishes away, fixed the cabinet doors that were coming loose, put all the dirty dishes that I could fit into the dishwasher, cleaned the countertops by the sink & the sink itself and hand washed my baking sheets.  Whew!  About an hour of cleaning and I must say that I'm completly wiped!  My knees ache and my lower back hurts and I'm really tired. 

Having said that, I'm not taking any chances with my sleep.  I've taken my sleeping pills and will be dozing off shortly.  Last night I tried falling asleep without my sleeping pills and failed miserably.  It was midnight before I gave up and took some.  Of course, Mike snoring really loudly in my ear didn't exactly help!  lol

Well, I hope this post finds you all well.  How do you like the fish at the top of my blog?  I found out that I could add them and thought it was too fun to pass up!  I also hope that if you find my blogs interesting that you'll share my blog with your friends.

Feel free to leave comments below - ask questions, tell me about yourself or request something that you'd like to hear me write about!

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