Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November!

Well, the idea of November is pretty happy considering it's a big beginning to fall & all the special family holidays where we're allowed to stuff ourselves as much as we'd like!

Of course, whenever it seems as though things are going well, something happens.  It started yesterday when the neighbors who live above us decided to be rude and snap at Mike.  Mike said, "Good morning," and they ignored him.  When he held the door open since they were right behind us one of them said, "We can get the door ourselves."  Not a big deal.  Apparently, they never learned the valuable lesson of common courtesy or kindness.

So Mike & I went on with our day.  Mike specifically stated that he wasn't going to let the situation bug him.  When Mike got to work, they had a meeting.  Apparently, the company is downsizing & a few people were let go on Friday.  He is one of the "lucky" ones and has an opportunity to keep his job.  Now, granted, this is a blessing.  I'd rather have some income than none at all but this presents a few problems. 

1)  He needs to go back to the complete crap telemarketing job.  Where people curse and scream because Mike needs to do cold-calling and schedule appointments.  He hates that job.
2)  He is losing the raise that he previously earned.  This will cut back on about $400 gross a month.  Yeah.
3)  His "new" hours are 7am-3pm.  This is good for doing things in the afternoon/evening but since we're sharing one car, that means that I am getting to work around 6am and waiting for my shift to start at 9:30!

So when we got home, we smelled something in the hallway.  Sometimes our neighbor will put her bag of trash in the hallway so she can take it out the next day.  We opened the door to our apartment and it was overwhelming.  Yeah...  Anna was sick.  The cage is covered.  From what we can tell, Anna was standing all day.  Poor girl.  So a bath and taking her out for a 30 minute walk...  She vomited twice and didn't want to eat (which is good).

I guess it always comes in 3's right?

The positives...

1)  At least he still has a job.  This is nice & definately convenient.
2)  Mike has had reassurances at work that the telemarketing department is different now.  He's also had reassurances that he is a valued employee and that they will give him an opportunity to advance as soon as it is possible.
3)  Mike has an opportunity to go home and relax for a little while (or clean/cook/do laundry) before coming to pick me up.
4)  This does open up an evening window for a 2nd job for Mike if necessary.  It's a long day but it's there.
5)  The neighbors upstairs really have nothing to do with us.  If they want to continue to be angry people, fine.  We don't want to be mean.  We can just ignore them and be better (I won't be slamming the door in their faces like they do to me)
6)  Anna didn't get sick again last night and seemed ok this morning.

So we're trying to stay positive.  We're trying to take it easy.  It's hard and extremely frustrating but...  It is what it is.  Life is a pain in the ass.

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