Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving is almost here!

For whatever reason, I'm really excited for Thanksgiving this year.  I have volunteered to work on Thansgiving & the day after (also known as Black Friday) and have actually been selected to work the evening shift - for both days!  YAY!  I'm going to be attempting to make cranberry sauce and maybe even a pumpkin cake and head to my mother's for an afternoon dinner.  Mike has decided that he's going to be spending Thanksgiving weekend with his grandparents like he always used to do (which is fine) and was even talking about spending Christmas with them as well.  I told him it didn't matter - I'm not about to tell him who he can & can't have contact with - and it doesn't really..  We see my mom a lot and live much closer.  Plus there's his extended family that he'll be able to visit with on December 26th.

Thinking about plans for the holidays makes me think about what other people are planning.  I know that there's a lady that I work with that was talking about how much she wants to visit with her mother but will be unable to make the drive by herself (she's been out sick for months & just came back & her husband broke his hand or wrist last week & her daughter is getting sick).  I think another lady I work with is making Thanksgiving dinner at her home.  She was talking about the turkey & some special stuffing for her MIL.

I'd love to host Thanksgiving but I have no room and no furniture so...  I guess maybe next year!

I hope this blog is finding you all well.  I will write again soon!

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